Fighting for the Soul of the City


Hospitality House is a progressive community-based organization located in the heart of the Tenderloin in San Francisco. We provide opportunities and resources to our local residences and homeless population. Our mission is to strengthen our community by advocating policies and rendering services that foster self-sufficiency and cultural enrichment.

Our organization stands on five core values—community power, resilience, dignity, mutual respect, and self-determination. Together these values continue to support the locals in our neighborhood to be their best self, lead with respect, and help us create the community we want to see every day. As an organization, we’re committed to providing opportunities for leadership development, peer staffing, and change through community organizing and coalition building. Collectively we encourage everyone to lend a hand in in making our vision come to life.

50 Years of Transformation Through Art


San Francisco is rich in culture, art, and creativity. We’re advocates for making unique cultural and artistic landscapes accessible to everyone—because creative self-expression is something that builds a wholesome, healthy community.

Our Community Arts Program (CAP) is a free fine arts studio and gallery space for artists and neighborhood residences from socioeconomic challenged backgrounds. This space gives local artists and creatives a place to create for themselves and the community. Every year, more than 3,500 people participate in the program to house, exhibit, and sell their artwork.

CAP hosts regular exhibitions at our gallery at 1009 Market Street and other locations in the city. All artists keep 100% of the proceeds from any work they sell at any shows. Check out the calendar below to see all upcoming workshops and exhibits.