Fighting for the Soul of the City

Hospitality House is a progressive, community-based organization located in San Francisco’s Tenderloin Neighborhood, Sixth Street Corridor, and Mid-Market Area that provides opportunities and resources for personal growth and self-determination to homeless people and neighborhood residents. Our mission is to build community strength by advocating policies and rendering services which foster self-sufficiency and cultural enrichment.

The organization is driven by our core values of: Community Power, the belief that people experiencing the problem will come up with the best solutions; Resilience, anybody can change their lives; Dignity, that all people have equal value and are worthy of honor and respect; Mutual Respect, honoring the dignity of all people is both a right and responsibility; and Self-Determination, that people have the right to make choices about how to live their lives. Our organizational strategies include a commitment to leadership development and peer staffing, low-threshold access to programs, the harm reduction model, and systems change through community organizing and coalition building. We encourage participation from our constituents on all levels of the organization.


50 years of Transformation through art

San Francisco is a city rich in culture, art and creativity. While our other programs address immediate needs and long-term stabilization, we also believe access to the community’s unique cultural and artist landscape creates whole people and healthy communities. Creative self-expression and a vibrant community culture should not be exclusive to areas of means.

Hospitality House’s Community Arts Program (CAP) is the only free-of-charge fine arts studio and gallery space for artists and neighborhood residents whose socioeconomic struggles would otherwise prevent them from accessing the powerful artistic and cultural landscape of this community. Each year, more than 3,500 artists benefit from the free materials and space to create, house, exhibit and sell their artwork.

The CAP hosts regular exhibitions at its on-site gallery, located at 1009 Market Street at 6th Street, as well as at other locations around San Francisco. Participating artists keep 100% of the proceeds from any work purchased at one of our exhibitions. Read the calendar below for workshop and exhibits scheduled.