Meet our 2019 Artists for


“Many people are in a hurry— if we just spend time— looking at buildings, places, whatever you see, spend time a little longer. You start to see beauty in it, little by little. Now we start to see life as beautiful; beauty everywhere, if you want to see it. So, I think that's what Tenderloin's about.”

Tan Sirinumas, Community Artist


“I always like to help people in my community. I believe art is a tool to use as therapy for people who suffer of mental disabilities and substance abuse problems. It helps them to relax. It's like a sense of meditation.”

Joseph Sierra, Community Artist


I think [art] really helps me escape into this other place that's really comforting to me away from all the stress of life and what you're faced with in reality. But, when I paint I feel like I'm in this kind of different very warm and loving place or something. I feel really at peace when I'm painting and I forget about everything. I really enjoy that.

Cameron Dempster, Community Artist


“[Hospitality House’s Community Arts Program] has been an oasis for me. It really did save my life early on. And it's continued to live up to the expectations when I first pressed my nose on the window, you know?

It's amazing really, that there's a place that offers so much for no money, where you can feel like you're part of a family. And make art. I can't think of anything better, really..."

Anna Morrow, Community Artist


Interested in being an artist at THHE AUCTION on May 9th, 2019?

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